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Personal Growth & Development

The First Steps on the Personal Growth March are the Toughest

My story as a motivational speaker starts with the 20 years I spent in the U.S. Marine Corps. There was a lot of time spent in training and I also saw combat. As you can imagine, it was physically tough. Looking back though, I came to realize the hardest part was mental – not physical.

In my keynote speaking appearances, I often talk on the topic of Personal Growth and Development. To be honest (and I say this with understanding and compassion), I sometimes look out at my audiences and see the faces of at least a few people who are going through difficult emotional times. Personal Growth and Development is for them.

Let’s Take the First Step

Personal transformation, whether in Chicago or anywhere else, is about transformation or change. Usually people who want my help Personal Growth and Development have just gone through a tough life experience. I can’t take the trip for you, no one can. However, Sharp-Skills can give you what you need to succeed.

Despite what you may feel at this exact second, I can promise that the changes you can experience include your physical well-being, your finances, the way you approach your spiritual life, your way of feeling about things and your relationships.

We will start with the simplest of questions: Where are you right now? Then we will imagine that perfect dream or goal. How will you get there and honestly, how long will it take? In taking this trip, you will have no choice but to grow as a person. That is what transformation is all about. I will not lie. The road can sometimes be bumpy; it can sometimes be painful. However dreams are worth fighting for – and I believe you can succeed.

What if I Don’t Know?

More often than you might imagine, I encounter someone who says, I know I want to personally change and have a new dream, but I don’t know what it is that I want! You are not alone. In my motivational speaking engagements to groups or individual coaching, we try to identify your passions. The things you love to talk about, the things you like to do, those activities that make you feel alive. All of those emotions are very powerful and can cause very positive change in your life.

If you or a group of like-minded people such as yourself or an organization wants a presentation on personal growth and development, Sharp-Skills will be pleased to tailor-make a personal growth and development seminar to help start you on your important journey.


  • “You are truly blessed with amazing God given talents…”
    “I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today. I had such a wonderful day with the kids today and felt a sense of peace I have not felt in a LONG time. Thank you for that gift of rest and reprieve from all the anxiety that surrounds me. You are truly blessed with amazing God given talents; to heal, comfort, encourage, teach, inspire and motivate.”

  • Louie spoke at Lake Zurich High School for an 88 minute live presentation. He brought a car in and demonstrated general maintenance/safety items (ie: tire changing, jumper cables, fluid top offs…etc). The school did it as an in-school field trip. “Hi Louie and Steve, Just wanted to say thank you again for coming this morning to talk to my classes! To be honest I had no idea you spoke about so many different topics and could bring so much information and diversity to the experience, I really appreciated it. I know it took some of the kids by surprise too, but I think that made it even more effective. I can’t wait to hear their reactions tomorrow, I’ve never seen them shake hands with the guest speaker before so I know you impacted some (if not all) on some level!! I’d love for you both to return next semester if you are willing and able. I’ll only have one class so it will be easier to get them under the hood more and have an open conversation.”

    Lauren Engelhardt