9 Steps to Better Time Management
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Manage your Team Building by Walking Around

As crazy as it may sound one of the best ways to manage is by walking around. There are 3 simple and easy tasks you can do while walking around to manage your team better. These simple 3 actions will improve morale, production and team building pride!

First, look for things your team is doing right. When you find them, see them or hear them praise the person responsible right away and in front of as many people as possible. Make sure your praise is sincere, honest and to the point. Don’t overdo it praise only the actions you have overseen that you want to be repeated again.

Second, take the time to talk to your team about their interests. Ask them questions about them. A couple of really easy ones are, how was your weekend or what are you doing this weekend. This isn’t to be buddy, buddy with them. It is just to show genuine concern in them for who they are. To show interest in their families, hobbies and other activites.

Third, look for ways to clean up, organize or help with tasks to make your teams work environment a better place to be. This is a great way walk your talk by taking action to help improve their work spaces.

Depending on the size of your team you can do this once a day or a couple times a week. If you manage enough people you could do a department a day. It is important to be consistent and sincere to achieve great results! Remember to have fun.


  • I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today. I had such a wonderful day with the kids today and felt a sense of peace I have not felt in a LONG time. Thank you for that gift of rest and reprieve from all the anxiety that surrounds me. You are truly blessed with amazing God given talents; to heal, comfort, encourage, teach, inspire and motivate.

  • “We now have the tools to be more efficient and resourceful” “I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased we were with Louie. Thanks to Louie’s extremely motivational seminar, Berger Excavating is making huge strides. We now have the tools to be more efficient and resourceful. Not only was I surprised by the event, but the positive feedback from all involved has been overwhelming. Louie had the ability to bring everyone closer as a company and want to work together to make a stronger team. I would strongly recommend this training to anyone and everyone. After the way the economy has been in such a down-turn, this was what we really needed to re-group and focus on the opportunities of the future.”

    Julie Berger-Chamberlin – President Berger Excavating Contractors