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Business Speaking

Business Seminars to Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Do people in your group always make excuses for missing their sales goals? Do you seek better balance in life? Do you wish your team could change their bad habits? What does your team want out of life?

I have conducted business seminars with companies as large as DuPont and Edward Jones, charitable and religious organizations, schools, teams, franchisees and local chambers of commerce. Surprisingly they have a great deal in common; employees want to change their bad habits and to stop making excuses; in this stress-filled age employees seek better balance and invariably more out of life.

Don’t You Want More?

My Sharp-Skills seminars challenge, inspire and motivate. They support change, teach “no excuses,” how to break bad habits and create better balance. I have started several successful businesses from scratch along with two decades in the military. I have held business and organizational seminars in the Midwest and throughout the country. I know what it takes to succeed, I know how to create a winning attitude, how to change bad habits and to get more out of life.

More doesn’t just mean more things or more money. It can mean being more effective, more influential, more balanced and…more happy. On the other hand, you can’t make more money without being more effective, balanced and happy.

I Can Help Your Team Reach Its Objectives

I bring real life into my business seminars to teach real lessons. I get results by inspiration and motivation. Let me help your organization reach its objectives!

Business Coaching and Leadership

A Meaningful 20:80 Rule

As a motivational business coach who teaches and encourages leadership, I have run across many so-called “20:80 Rules.” Here the most meaningful – and it’s true! 20 percent of all of the companies in any given industry make 80 percent of the profits.

How do you make it into the top 20 percent?

Making it to the top 20 is about recruiting and hiring the very best employees. Investing in, and then training those employees so that they can build systems and solve problems on their own. Finally, it is about the management of those employees, not just in terms of their day-to- day business goals, but in nurturing their personal goals and dreams.

By encouraging communication and problem solving, and then caring about those employees as people, companies can improve their sales and profitability. However, it is easier said than done, and this is where I can help.

Leadership isn’t a natural skill

As a business coach, I teach you and your team how to hire the very best employees for your organization, how to invest in those employees and give them the skill-set to build systems and solve problems and how to recognize and improve those people to build a great company.

Leadership skills need to be taught. I coach leadership and give you the expertise to make it to the top 20 percent.



  • Have you ever had the opportunity of being in the pressence of a truly gifted speaker? I have…. Louie Sharp speaks from the bottom of his heart about truly important matters, not fluff. Louie presented a dinner meeting keynote address for the Libertyville Sunrise Rotary including spouses and guests. Everyone in the room was attentive for each and every second of his presentation and I received so many compliments about scheduling such a gifted speaker. Louie truly made a difference in everyone’s lives during that keynote speach.

    Linda Vadnais Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Board Member &
    Fellowship Committee Director
  • Louie spoke at Lake Zurich High School for an 88 minute live presentation. He brought a car in and demonstrated general maintenance/safety items (ie: tire changing, jumper cables, fluid top offs…etc). The school did it as an in-school field trip. “Hi Louie and Steve, Just wanted to say thank you again for coming this morning to talk to my classes! To be honest I had no idea you spoke about so many different topics and could bring so much information and diversity to the experience, I really appreciated it. I know it took some of the kids by surprise too, but I think that made it even more effective. I can’t wait to hear their reactions tomorrow, I’ve never seen them shake hands with the guest speaker before so I know you impacted some (if not all) on some level!! I’d love for you both to return next semester if you are willing and able. I’ll only have one class so it will be easier to get them under the hood more and have an open conversation.”

    Lauren Engelhardt